Foodservice prospecting, tracking, and forecasting.
All in one place.

First Bite makes it easy to find menu and location data for every restaurant in the country, predict the revenue opportunity for your products, and easily manage your team, contacts, and deals. Get access to all the data and sales tools you need to grow.

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Foodservice data is:


Building a target list requires hours of researching locations, looking up menus, and aggregating the data.


Forecasting can feel like fortune-telling when it relies on guesswork at volume, brand value, and revenue opportunity.


Sales performance tracking is limited by disconnected customer data like leads, inbound, broker lists, and your team’s pipeline.

First Bite helps you find and sell to the most relevant and profitable food service opportunities

Sales Pipeline view on First Bite, showing how deals have grown over time and a breakdown of deals by sales stage and average time to close.

Prospect for custom lead lists in seconds 

Explore First Bite’s database of 1M+ restaurants by searching menus or filtering by more than 100+ restaurant attributes, so you can find targets that match your strategic criteria 

First Bite's Deals Dashboard, showing sales forecast for all products, owners, and sales stages over the next year.

Forecast the sales opportunity for every restaurant in the US

First Bite’s predictive volume and revenue models are customized based on your company’s products, so you can easily target the most valuable partnerships

First Bite's Activity page shows latest activity, a sales leaderboard, and deals in pipeline.

Track sales performance and streamline your workflow

Use First Bite’s CRM or integrate with existing systems to manage leads, sales teams, brokers, and reports, and do more of what works

Frequently Asked Questions

What data is available on First Bite?

First Bite’s database is made up of more than 1 million US restaurants with hundreds of location-specific attributes, and more than 140 million searchable menu items.

Where does First Bite’s data come from?

First Bite captures the digital footprint of restaurants from public internet data using proprietary technology and a large research team.

Does First Bite have any non-comm data?

First Bite is currently expanding its foodservice database to include non-commercial opportunities spanning Education, Business and Industry, and Healthcare.

Can First Bite help me find contacts to engage with?

Yes! Our add-on sales detective service finds the highest likelihood decision-makers for your targets, along with their contact information.

Can First Bite help me find which restaurants already sell my product?

Yes! Our menu search functionality looks up any menu item or ingredient, including branded products.

Will First Bite integrate with my existing CRM?

Yes! First Bite is built to integrate with other CRMs and tools you may be using to manage your customers, sales, and other data.

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